PSVR to Introduce VR Experience to Millions

With PSVR recently launched, one ponders whether its popularity will be a boom to VR on the PC, or will limit its development much like how many PC games today are optimized for consoles with limitations such as 30 fps caps, low-resolution textures, clunky GUIs, lack of dedicated servers, etc.

PSVR will likely be a step in the right direction. Sure, it lacks room-scale tracking but with the support of AAA developers and the allure of the (potentially) large PSVR market it's almost assured that the image of VR will catapult from 3D TV-levels of gimmicky to a must-have experience. In the near future as developers sharpen their VR game making skills we will be bombarded with amazing gameplay from PSVR, Oculus Rift with Touch, and HTC Vive and the allure will be all too strong to resist.

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