SlipperySkip new project (In progress)

You guys might remember Jeffrey Stephenson (Slipperyskip) work from his previous project Addison in 2015 or the Flightline in 2013. Jeffrey manages to bring together style and modern PC performance together in a very unique and crafty way! 
Well good news, Slipperyskip is back at it with a new concept in mind and his work is well underway already!His new project SkyVue features one of GIGABYTE most recent motherboard, the Z170N-WIFI, a mini-ITX mobo part of the 100 Series Ultra Durable line up which is packed with great features, such as the new USB3.1 over USB Type C port which is powered by Intel's powerful USB 3.1 solution! Here are some pictures of his progress. you can follow each step of his work over at his blog here:

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