Another Record Broken on a GIGABYTE SOC Champion

GIGABYTE continues to lead the way with world records and global first places.

Over at 3D Mark, you can find the latest benchmark scores posted for FireStrike Extreme. The top score belongs to "Mad" and as you can see, he hit 34665 using a GIGABYTE X-99 SOC Champion-CF motherboard. Check it out below:

Aside from being a world record this score is remarkable for two reasons. It's the first time that the 34,000 barrier has been broken with a quad-VGA card setup, and it's also a full 1,000 points above the competition. 

Next up is a Global First Place for Fire Strike Extreme with just one GPU. 

As you can see, the 14,000 barrier has been broken. A first for a single card setup. 

And finally the regular Fire Strike with one GPU:

For those curious, here's a peak at what the rig used looks like:

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