Add Some Color and Illumination to Your System Build With GIGABYTE

Case modding is growing in popularity as many look to create that finishing touch on their PC to make it unique and original. The possibilities are really infinite, some people want a complete redesign of their case while others just want to add an enhanced water cooling solution.

Regardless of how extensive you want your case mod to be, you will need one thing: light. Without illumination you can't appreciate the clean cable runs, elaborate water cooling setups, or simply the components themselves. 

GIGABYTE has a solution: LED lights along the motherboard. On select GIGABYTE 100 series models, including the Gaming G1, there is a multi-color LED trace path around the board. With the Ambient LED app in the GIGABYTE APP center you can customize the light pattern, with three different options, and seven different color options. 

Check out this video from the GIGABYTE Motherboard and Brix YouTube channel for more information:

With all the color and light pattern options the possibilities are endless. The LED lights can compliment case mods or additions like high-end coolers, illuminating them so you can show them off. Or simply on their own they can provide a cool, custom look for your rig.

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