The Awards Keep Coming in For GIGABYTE

GIGABYTE is pleased to receive two more awards for its 100-series motherboards.

First up, our friends at HiTech Legion recently gave the GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 a GOLD award.

They give the motherboard the highest of praises:

Gigabyte designed the Z170X Gaming 7 motherboard well it is stable, it performs as expected for a high end gaming board it doesn’t skimp on connectivity and is remarkably one of the sexiest motherboards they have ever produced.

Now over at ThinkComputers our Z170X Gaming G1 motherboard was bestowed with a very high score.

During the review the author pointed out some of the industry leading features that allows GIGABYTE motherboards to stand apart from the competition:

As I said in the introduction of this review the Z170X-Gaming G1 has been on my radar since it was revealed at Computex. Now that I’ve got my hands on it and have been able to test it am I still excited about it? You bet I am! Gigabyte has really put together an amazing flagship board for their Z170 series, name a feature and this board has it! 
 As I mentioned in my other Z170 motherboard reviews with Z170 we are going to see a lot more I/O connections and Gigabyte also has great implementation of this. Gigabyte makes use of Intel’s dual Thunderbolt and USB 3.1 controller. This means you have four PCI-Express 3.0 lanes routed to the Intel controller so you can use 40 Gb/s Thunderbolt 3.0 from the rear USB 3.1 port. Gigabyte also includes the USB 3.1 bay so you can use USB 3.1 devices on the front of your tower. When it comes to M.2 slots you have dual 32 Gb/s M.2 slots which means you can run two M.2 solid state drives in a RAID setup. Gigabyte includes a M.2 to U.2 adapter for NVMe solid state drives too!

Check back soon as we post more reviews. GIGABYTE 100 series motherboards are available now from retailers and etailers around the world. 

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