[HWBOT] GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion Dominates X99 2D Multi-threaded Benchmarks with 1 World Record and 5 Global First Place

HWBOT spotted we’ve been busy with the X99 SOC Champion and taking all the scores down!

“When it comes pushing Intel’s Haswell-E platform to its absolute limit, there’s little doubt that GIGABYTE have done their homework. At this point in time the company’s flagship X99 motherboard, the X99-SOC Champion, is totally cleaning up in the area of 2D, multi-threaded benchmarking with the efforts from Sofos1990 and Dinos22


Utilizing the full capability the Intel Core i7 5960X and its 8 Haswell-E cores, the X99-SOC Champion currently holds top spot in no less than all six 2D benchmarks which receive global points: wPrime 32M, wPrime 1024M, Cinebench R15, Cinebench R11.5, XTU and HWBOT Prime. Hats off to Sofos1990 and Dinos22!

Here are the benchmarks and scores in full:

Source: HWBOT

Author: SDougal

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